Magnalite Pots Cause Cancer

Magnalite Pots Cause Cancer

Even today, more than half of the pots are still made of aluminium. Throughout this article, we will explore the facts about magnalite pots more how magnalite pots cause cancer.

What are magnalite pots?

A product made from aluminium, Magnalite was introduced into the market by Wagner Ware in the 1930s. This product had a huge advantage over cast iron products as it was more effective at retaining heat and distributing it. As a result of this product, the Wagner Company survived the Great Depression.
Despite being a huge hit, the product also led to the downfall of the company after researchers began researching the effects of aluminium on humans. The purpose of this post is to outline some of the major findings and answer the question “are Magnalite pots safe to use?”.
Metals are used as raw materials for some modern cookware, including aluminium. Aluminium foil is not only used for pots and pans. Additionally, aluminium foil is known in modern cuisines for being utilised as a food wrapper during the baking and baking process.

What has been discovered about magnalite pots?

Researchers exposed rabbits to aluminium salts for an experiment in 1965, resulting in tangles of neurofibrillary fibres in the brains of these animals. In light of these results, scientists believe aluminium consumption may also trigger Alzheimer’s disease.
But modern researchers don’t believe that aluminium can cause Alzheimer’s. This is because the most recent research has shown that neurofibrillary changes caused by aluminium don’t match those of Alzheimer’s disease.
Apart from this, more experiments were further performed on animals and it revealed that animals that were aluminium-free did much better in physical tests. Also, animals who were exposed to aluminium gave birth to weaker offspring.
Researchers also believed that aluminium contributed to kidney failure. As a result, kidney failure patients have a higher level of aluminium in their system compared with those without it.
As kidney failure is fundamental to the process of removing toxins from your body, doctors discovered that these abnormal aluminium deposits were the result of kidney failure itself.

Do magnalite pots cause cancer?

Although consuming a high dose of aluminium is proven to be harmful to our bodies (often leading to neurological problems), Magnalite cookware is unlikely to be the cause of this problem.
A lot of aluminium can be incorporated into a dish when untreated aluminium comes into direct contact with acidic or salty foods. You can cross-check the facts on your own by putting aluminium on these types of foods. Aluminium foil will pit dramatically after a few hours.
Today, aluminium utensils are anodized. It changes the molecule’s structure in such a way that aluminium cannot penetrate food, even acidic ones, or salty ones.
Therefore, anodized aluminium pots and pans are considered safe for cooking by most authorities and medical communities. Despite the possibility that untreated aluminium cookware might leak into food, it is unlikely that they are dangerous to humans.

How to check if magnalite is anodized?

The steps include:

● Check the structure of the metal. Anodized aluminium should have a matte finish but that doesn’t mean it is anodized because of that finish.
● It is essential to check the colour. Try to scrape the paint. If you see no paint coming off, it has been dyed. When the anodized aluminium is exposed to dye, it seeps into the surface.

● In addition to this, scrap it with a coin as anodized aluminium is stiffer than copper. An anodized piece of cookware will leave a copper streak after being rubbed with a penny.


Magnalite utensils are a lot safer than they used to be. Today, most magnalite pots available on the market are free from toxicity levels and other faults. The answer to the question ‘Do magnalite pots cause cancer?’ Is a simple no. But don’t forget to check out the pots before buying it, then start writing!

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