How to get rid of beef curtains without surgery

How to get rid of beef curtains without surgery

Each body is different, hence some women are born with asymmetrical labia. The size usually does not cause any side effects or discomfort. If someone lacks confidence and is conscious about her body while wearing skinny and tight clothes, they may opt for labiaplasty.

Beef curtain is a commonly used word for vulva which is the out of part of a women’s sex organ. Now the question arises how to get rid of beef curtains without surgery? Most of the women desiring normal size labia remove their beef curtain through labiaplasty while some try home remedies to tighten their labia skin.

What are Beef curtains?

Beef curtains or curtain shape vagina are the common terms used to describe a large and loose skin vulva. Women have vulvas of different colors, shapes, smells, and sizes.

Many women having beef curtains vagina get worried about their genitalia normality. However, there is no exact definition for a normal vagina. Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own Way. If you love and adore yourself you won’t find any weaknesses in your body.

How to get rid of beef curtains

Beef curtains are a cause of concern for many women and they often wonder how to get rid of a saggy vag without surgery? They have a fear that it will impact their relationship.
Although there is a cosmetic surgery available for tightening vulva skin the procedure has its own drawbacks. Therefore, women mostly do not opt for surgery.
If you are worried psychologically or physically about your beef curtains then below you will get to know how to tighten labia major skin naturally.

⦁ Dietary changes

For making changes in your body and health the first and the most important step is to eat a complete nutritious diet. A healthy diet will make your muscles stronger and improve your vagina health.
Take a high fibrous diet which will improve your metabolism, reduce weight, and prevent constipation. If you are suffering from frequent constipation it can make your pelvic muscles weak causing vaginal fat accumulation. You can strengthen your pelvic muscles by eating an Estrogen rich diet like berries, carrots, apples, pomegranate, soya beans, etc.

⦁ Exercise

The feeling of a tight vagina during sex is only achieved when beef curtains are reduced and the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened. Most of the women do kegel exercises at home for labia minor reduction without surgery.
For this exercise lay down on your back on the floor. Squeeze your vagina, pelvis, and anus as much as you can. Hold on for a few seconds then release slowly. For better results perform this exercise 5 to 10 times in a row, multiple times a day. Kegel exercises will tighten the loose pelvic muscles resulting in a tighter vagina.

⦁ Dressing changes

You can wear loose clothes to prevent friction in the vaginal area. Wearing soft and loose clothes can help in relieving discomfort due to beef curtains. try wearing natural materials like linen or cotton to improve the airflow around that area.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have been doing wonders for thousands of years. Although many plants have potential side effects, their efficacy is appreciable for health issues.

To tighten vagina tissues a plant was explored in Thailand named “Pueraria Mirifica”. Constituents of this plant act on phytoestrogens activating the oestrogen receptors resulting in the thickness of vaginal walls. It also increases vaginal fluid production.

⦁ ThermiVa

By thermiVa, women can tighten their loose vaginas without going under the knife. It is an in-office non-surgical procedure through which external and internal vagina tissues are exposed to thermal energy. If the vaginal skin is losing due to hormone imbalance, ageing, or childbirth through this process women can easily tighten their skin.
By involving a temperature control radiofrequency system collagen restoration takes place. This procedure makes vaginal muscles strong. The heat restores the entire vagina area and increases the elasticity of muscles. This treatment usually takes a time period of three months.

Major causes of beef curtains

There are plenty of reasons for the beef curtain but the most common is childhood asymmetrical Labium Major enlargement(CALME). Other causes include childbirth, sexual, trauma, or puberty.
In this condition of a female child, the growth of one part of the labia is greater than the other part. There are two folds of labia on each side of the vulva, one fold is larger than the other.

⦁ Childbirth
During pregnancy and after childbirth massive hormonal changes occur in a female body. During childbirth, the extensive vagina stretch can cause damage to the Vulva. It can lead to beef curtains.

⦁ Sexual trauma
It is believed that females who have gone through sexual abuse, especially during childhood have beef curtains. Their labia is traumatized which results in increased growth of one fold than the other.

⦁ Puberty
When a female child approaches adulthood the hormonal changes can also cause asymmetry in her labia.

Treatment of beef curtains

Apart from natural remedies, the most effective way of removing the excessive tissues from the labia major or labia minor is labeoplasty.


There is no right size of the labia, as long as you are healthy and maintaining good vagina hygiene you should be confident about your body. However, if you are facing a problem due to asymmetry of labia, or wondering how you can get rid of beef curtains without surgery then you should definitely try some remedies first then afterward go for surgery.

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