Waist beads weight loss

Waist beads weight loss

Waist beads have been worn by women for thousands of years. This trend is more popular in Africa. Today the concept of waist beats is not only limited to Africa but numerous women around the world are wearing it.

Waist beads are made-up of different gemstones to enhance the beauty of a women’s waist. Women wear it for several reasons like it gives royalty vibes, decoration, feeling more mature, and body adornment.

Today waist beads weight loss has become the most common reason for women to wear them.For spiritual to material reasons culture is spreading fast. Some waist beads also have bells on them which are considered a signal for men to know that women desire sexual activity.

Before heading towards how waist beads weight loss takes place first we will know about what are waist beads and their uses.                         

What Are Waist Beads           

Waist beads consist of small beads on a wire or string worn around the hips or waist. It is a traditional African accessory that has been worn for centuries by women in their culture. Today, they are becoming style statements in the western fashion world.

Waist beads are also known as waistline beats, belly beads, or beaded waist chains. They are available in many shapes and colors. The beads may be gemstones, charms, or Crystals.

In Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and other African countries it is considered a sign of fertility, spiritual well-being, femininity, and sensuality. Nowadays women wear these waist beads for practical and aesthetic purposes.

Uses of waist beads

●    Maturity

In many regions of Africa, it is a part of their culture. Women wear waist beads as a sign of their growth, maturity, and womanhood. In some countries like Ghana, they make babies wear waist beads as a piece of jewelry during their name ceremonies. However, afterward, only women continue wearing it.

In Africa mothers tie it onto their daughter’s waists during their first period. It means that they have entered womanhood. Women also wear it during changes in their stages of life. Waist beads which they wear during their first menstruation will be different from the ones they wear after giving birth to a child.

●    Waist beads as a part of the culture

Women all over the world are wearing waist beads though it was originated in Africa. African women have special feelings for waist beads as they consider them a connection with their culture.

●    Fertility

Many women wear it to look more beautiful and hot. Waist beads are also associated with fertility. While trying to conceive women wear a specific waist bead. Special waist beads are available for pregnant women which provide protection to the mother and baby.

●    Waist beads Weight Loss

The most common use of waist bead is to have proper knowledge of body weight change. Those who don’t want to step on a weighing scale, again and again, can use waist beads to sense weight gain or loss.

If you will gain weight, you will find string a bit tight on your stomach. Similarly, if you will lose weight the beats will fall down to the hips. Wearing waist beads is a less stressful way to note weight change


Women with all body shapes and sizes can wear it without any problem. There are even adjustable waist beads available as many women have bloating issues and their abdomen weight changes frequently.

●    Waist beads to maintain Posture

They keep aware of body posture. The fitting of beads depends on breathing and sitting. These waist beads can become a reminder about how a woman should sit, relax her back, how to keep her stomach muscles engaged, and breathe properly.

How to loss weight from waist beads

Waist beads act as a check and balance centre which tells whether you are gaining or losing weight. When you wear the beads on the level of your belly button. Due to the tightness of the string, you will eat less. The proportion control eating promotes weight loss.

When waist beads fall on the hip level means you have lost enough weight. Afterward, you can again tight string on your belly button and repeat this till you achieve your desired weight.               

How To Use Waist Beads For Weight Control       

To control weight buy non-stretchable wire or string waist beads for your abdomen. The string should be slightly tight so that it will irritate you when you will start gaining weight. The string should be strong so it does not break when you change your posture as you will be wearing it 24/7.

The beads should be over your belly button when you tie them. After a few days if the waist beads start slipping from waist to hips it means you have lost some weight. If you desire to lose more weight then follow the procedure again.

Contrary to it, if you notice beads moving high then it means you are gaining weight. It can also create body awareness, while wearing it the whole time, you will know which food is causing bloating.

Success stories of waist beads weight loss           

Personally, I have not used waist beads for weight loss. However, there are many waist beads weight loss success stories available on different social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram . You can search, read, and motivate yourself to wear waist beads.

Waist beads weight loss before and after  


How to tie waist beads for weight loss                              

You can easily tie the string on your waist. Adjust one side of the string with the other at the point where you want it to sit.

How to make waist beads for weight loss  

You can buy a string of un-stretchable material and place the beads on the strings. The beads can be of material gemstones, charms, or crystals

How to wear waist beads for weight loss  

You can tie beads on your waist at the level of your belly button. If you will gain did the boot room move apart and the string will become tight. On the other hand, if you will lose weight the string will become loose and fall onto the hips.

What are waist beads for weight loss?       

Waste beads originated from the African culture. It was used as traditional jewellery but now women use it for weight loss as well. The waist beads consist of a string and beads made up of different materials on it. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

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