How to spot a fake ultrasound

How to spot a fake ultrasound

Due to the prank trend on social media, fake ultrasounds have become quite common. Whether it is a prank or any unlawful matter no one deserves to become a victim. To you save yourself from becoming a soft target or getting fooled, it is important to know how to spot a fake ultrasound?

In this article, we will discuss in detail the tips and signs about how to spot a fake ultrasound. But before that below is brief information related to ultrasound.

What is an ultrasound?

The other name for ultrasound is sonogram. Ultrasound is done with the help of sound waves that create an image of body organs, tissues, and internal structure. Hence this pictorial representation of the body is known as ultrasound.

There are two purposes of doing an ultrasound

  • Pregnancy ultrasound- It gives a Pictorial representation of the fetus developing in the womb. It also tells about the health, internal organs, and positioning of the baby. Pregnancy ultrasounds are done a minimum of two times during pregnancy, the first one in the first trimester and the other one in the second trimester.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound- A diagnostic ultrasound provides a pictorial representation of different organs that we cannot see through the eyes like kidneys, blood vessels, heart, liver, and reproductive organs.

Many people are confused between ultrasound and x-ray, they assume both same but actually, they’re completely different processes. X-ray uses electromagnetic waves and radiation and ultrasound does not require radiation, it uses soundwaves to detect body parts and motion.

What Does A Actual Ultrasound Look Like?

Following is the picture of what an actual ultrasound should look like. Ultrasound is a black printed thermal paper with a shiny smooth and plastic texture. In an ultrasound, you will see the fetus in the womb. It tells about the health and organs of the fetus.

Fake sonogram how to spot a fake ultrasound                 

Following are the main tips and signs through which you can spot a fake ultrasound.

The fetus looks strange

You can easily catch a fake ultrasound by looking at the image of the fetus. If it does not look like a human to you and does not show body parts properly it is possible that the ultrasound is fake.

In a fake ultrasound, there are blurry spots as well and the fetus might have alien-like features. One reason or another if the ultrasound image looks off to you then you should really talk to the person.

You should also notice the facial expression of the person showing you the ultrasound report. While doing a prank it is difficult to put straight face expressions. If you don’t want to get fooled then be as keen as possible.

If the image is real or not

Another way to find out the fakeness of an ultrasound is to check the reality of the image. You can use the google search engine to find out if the image is real or not. Firstly, take a photo of the ultrasound printout or for more clarity scan the image. Drag the image on the search bar and you can easily find out if someone has downloaded this image from google or not.

Fake hospital name  

Although it is the most obvious thing to check the hospital names and other details on the ultrasound. However, at the very moment, most people get trapped if they do not check the details properly. Enter the address and details into the search engine and see yourself if the hospital and location are genuine or fake.

Another major point of detecting a fake ultrasound is matching the date of ultrasound and the age of the fetus. If you think that they are tricking you very practically then you can pretend for a while that you don’t know anything.

Low-quality printing

If you observe the paper quality closely you can easily find out false sonogram reports, since low-quality fake print resembles regular printer paper. Contrary to the thermal paper which is used to print ultrasound pictures.

The mechanism of printing is also different. In fake ultrasound, the picture is printed with ink while for thermal paper the picture is imprinted by heat. The thermal paper has a shiny smooth plastic texture resembling a high-quality store receipt.

If the owner of the ultrasound can’t explain things properly     

If the ultrasound is fake, the person cannot explain the situation that happened in the ultrasound session. They need to do extensive research on it which most people find difficult. Therefore, if a person is unable to tell about the doctor’s visit and what happened during the ultrasound you have correctly spotted a fake ultrasound. If they say that they forgot about the details it is obvious that they are lying.

Frequent spelling mistakes              

The hospital staff is well trained when it comes to making reports. There is no chance of mistakes since they are extra cautious about making the patient reports. They are aware that a single mistake in a report can affect the life of the patient.

Therefore, it is very rare that the hospital makes information or spelling mistakes like the name of the patient, hospital name, doctor name, date, and other details on the report.

If you ask about the doctor’s name and it sounds a little fishy

Suppose you have checked every detail on the ultrasound and everything seems to be genuine. But when you ask about the doctor’s name they do not know the name or only tell you the last name or refuses to tell you then something is fishy.

If they do not know the doctor’s name and details of the hospital they are probably faking it. You should ask to join them for the next Ultrasound session and if they refuse then you should think twice before believing their words.

Wait till reality comes out

If you do not find any proof that the ultrasound is fake then you can only wait till the truth comes out. Even if you believe them but eventually you will get to know whether the news is true or not.

If it is your partner, friend, or family member sooner or later they will tell the truth themselves. If you are not convinced by the fake reports just act cool and unimpressed or you can enjoy the news wholeheartedly no matter whether it is true or fake.


In the name of Prank and fun, fake ultrasounds can sure hurt someone’s sentiment. It is more entertaining for the prankster than the poor target. But the ending of such pranks brings a laugh as what matters most is you had fun and enjoyed it.

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