When can i eat Chips after Wisdom Teeth Removal

When can i eat Chips after Wisdom Teeth Removal

After the removal of wisdom teeth, extremely crunchy solid foods can damage the gum tissues.Since it takes at least 2 weeks for gum healing, therefore, you should not consume any solid food.

Within two weeks of the removal of a wisdom tooth, you should eat soft food. The soft food will not damage your gums and accelerate the healing process. Once your gums are completely healed then you can start consuming solids and surely your favorite chips.

Precautions after Wisdom teeth removal 

After a wisdom tooth is extracted healing process starts with the formation of a blood clot. That is the reason why you put a gas pad morsel on your gums for 1-2 hours after the extraction. Once the blood clot is formed, make sure it does not dislocate since interruption can again continue the bleeding.

To prevent the dislocation of blood clots you should not eat any solid foods, drink alcoholic beverages, or smoke for at least 2 weeks. Do not brush your teeth for 24 hours and even after that do not brush harshly, as the dissolution of blood clots can prolong the healing.

Intense exercise can also cause bleeding due to increased blood flow. After the tooth extraction, discomfort and swelling are quite normal. The swelling will go on its own in 2 to 4 days. For pain and infections, dentists also recommend antibiotics and painkillers.

When can I eat chips after the wisdom teeth removal

There are several foods that we love munching throughout the day like chips, chocolates, popcorn, and candies. Going for extraction you must be thinking when can I eat chips after the wisdom tooth removal? Are these snacks healthy for gum healing?

Can I Eat Chips within 24 Hrs of Wisdom Teeth Removal

No, you cannot consume chips within 24 hours of wisdom tooth extraction. The dentist does not recommend eating any solid foods like chips or fries within 24 hours of the teeth extraction procedure.

Such solid food can dislocate the blood clot on the gums and can cause infection so the dentist advises eating liquid food at least two days after the tooth extraction. You can have smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, milkshake, juices, and soups.

Eating Chips within 7 Days of Wisdom Teeth Removal    

No, you cannot eat chips or fries within seven days of wisdom tooth extraction. After 24 hours, healing of your gums starts but it takes more than a week for complete recovery.    

Dentists recommend eating soft foods so that they don’t put any pressure on your tongue and gums. While solid food can cause clot disruption leading to post-operative pain and prolonged recovery period.

Eating Chips After 2 Weeks of Wisdom Teeth Removal   

Yes, you can obviously eat chips after two weeks of wisdom tooth extraction. Two weeks are enough for the gums to heal. Afterward, you can continue your solid food and eat whatever you like.

Although two weeks is quite a long time to control your food cravings. But precautions are always better than suffering. Since you have tolerated the pain and spent money on the procedure, you should let your gums heal completely.

Why can’t I eat Chips after Wisdom Tooth Removal?         

When you have extracted your wisdom tooth, you should at least wait for two weeks to continue eating your favourite food. Although it is hard to control food cravings but you are not alone since dentist advise eating soft diet after extraction for few days.

Soft diet is recommended because hard food substances can put stress on the empty tooth socket. The complete healing and the removal of the tooth socket requires two months. You must keep yourself safe from pain and infection. The tooth removal leaves nerves open after the surgery and solid food substances can distress those neurons causing “hard socket”.

How long Wisdom teeth take to come out                                   

Generally, wisdom tooth comes out at the age of 18 to 25 years. It is very rare that wisdom tooth erupts before the age of 18. Usually wisdom tooth requires years to completely come out. Only in a few people wisdom tooth never erupts.


After the extraction of wisdom tooth blood clot appears on the gum socket which prevent bleeding and starts the healing process. Although it is difficult to avoid your favourite foods for a period of 2 weeks but it rescue you from for the pain, medications, and further expenses.       

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