Monet Mazur plastic surgery

Monet Mazur plastic surgery

In this article we will find out about monet mazur plastic surgery well lets start with who is monet mazur? Monet Mazur is a famous American actress who played the role of Laura find baker in the popular American sports drama series “All American”. She also did an incredible performance as Maria in the American biographical crime movie “Blow”.

She has been surprising her fans and lovers with her exceptional acting skills. However, recently it is her nose that got her into the limelight. By looking at her appearances and pictures fans got shocked to see the difference in her nose. They are guessing that Monet Mazur plastic surgery is the reason for this change.

Whether the speculations about her rhinoplasty procedure are true or not, surely there is a huge difference in her nose. People are curious why did Monet Mazur plastic surgery was needed when she already had a nice nose?

For all those people who do not know about the rhinoplasty process. It is a kind of plastic surgery process in which the nose is reshaped or redefined. Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job.

Introduction (who is Monet Mazur)

Monet Mazur was born on 17 April 1976, in California, the United States. Her father’s name was Ruby Mazur and her mother’s name was Valerie Chasin. She was raised in Los Angeles with her four siblings.

The 46-year-old actress was interested in acting and modeling since her childhood. During her high school period, she took part in theatres.

She is 5’9″ inches tall and weighs 65 kg. She believes in Christianity. In 2005, she got married to Alex De Rakoff. The actress has two children, a son Marlon De Rakoff and a daughter Luciano De Rakoff. The couple got divorced in 2018 and since then she has been raising her children happily as a single parent.


In the year 1993, she started her career as an actress and model when she was only 17 years old. Since then step-by-step she has been moving towards success. She has worked in several movies and television series like just murdered, Angel eyes, All American, Days of our lives, Strange Road, CSI Miami, Dead man running, and many more.

Monet Mazur plastic surgery

People first noticed the Monet Mazur plastic surgery during her appearance in the latest series of “All American”. There was a prominent change in her looks especially her nose was looking quite different. Her fans and admirers started guessing that Monet Mazur plastic surgery or rhinoplasty procedure is the reason for her reshaped nose.

It started as a rumor but soon she accepted her plastic surgery. On her Instagram, she said that she has gone through a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job. The reason she gave for surgery as she has broken her nose.

She is among the most beautiful actresses in the industry today. her more pointed nose has surely enhanced the charm of her face. Her admirers and fans are also praising her new gorgeous appearance. She has been looking even more pretty after the nose job.

 Monet Mazur looks change after nose surgery

To look more beautiful celebrities go through nose jobs but unfortunately, all the rhinoplasty procedures are not successful. There are many stars who looked much better before their surgeries. Wrong plastic surgery can destroy your face features.

Now the question arises, was Monet Mazur plastic surgery successful or not? If we look at the before and after plastic surgery or nose job pictures of Monet Mazur we can clearly see the difference in her nose. Before her rhinoplasty procedure, her nose was small but it was not much pointed as after the nose job.

Before her nose job, she was beautiful but after the rhinoplasty procedure, she looks even much more attractive. Therefore, we can say that Monet Mazur nose plastic surgery was definitely a successful procedure. It made her nose look even better.


Most celebrities do rhinoplasty procedures to improve their nose shape and enhance their look. But Monet Mazur’s situation was different. Through her Instagram, she told that she broke her nose and it was necessary to get a nose job.

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Her plastic surgery got so much popularity due to her immense stardom and fan base. She was lucky enough that her nose job procedure was a success. The process improved her facial appearance and now she looks even more beautiful.

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