Malu Trevejo before surgery

In this article we will talk about Malu Trevejo before surgery. Malu Trevejo Is a popular Latin singer. The amazing trendy Latin singer likes to merge her traditional Spanish and English music together. Although it has been only a few years since she started her music career but her melodious voice has hit the heart of her audience.

Apart from singing, she is famous because of social media. She is a social media influencer with millions of followers.  She hasn’t released her first Full music album. Her debut EP was Una Vez Más. It gain massive popularity. After this song, people started recognizing her.

Recently the social media influencer has become the talk of the town. There are speculations that she got A breast implant, a nose job, and Botox. Fans are comparing the Malu Trevejo before surgery and the latest photos.

Who is Malu trevejo

Malu Trevejo Started her career as a social media influencer. She first got a huge fan following on Instagram and then created her account. Her posts are related to fashion, beauty, dance, and singing.

Malu Trevejo’s source of earning is through brand marketing, endorsement, Instagram sponsorships, and YouTube ads. After making her name on social media she started singing. In 2017, she released her first single Luna Llena which got 120 million views.

Her second single song was En Mi Mente. In 2018, she did a collaboration with HRVY on the single hasta Luego.

Malu trevejo personal life

She was born on 15 October 2002, in Havana Cuba. Her dad has Spanish ancestry while her mom has Cuban. She spent her early childhood in Cuba then along with her family she moved to Madrid, Spain. They lived in Spain for 12 years.

She is currently living in Miami, Florida, United States. She enrolled herself in online schooling but she could not complete it. She is a high school dropout.

Malu Trevejo before surgery

There are multiple speculations related to her plastic surgery. However, she herself admitted that she has gone through boob job implants. The surgery was done by the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miami. She also made a TikTok video with the surgeon.

After the TikTok video, she wrote in her Instagram story that “I did it”. This was the confirmation that she has had plastic surgery. Malu Trevejo before surgery was not satisfied with her body, therefore, to make her body look hot she went through a Boob implant.

After her story, people started asking about her surgery again and again. She gave clarification on Instagram by saying

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“have some news to tell you guys. I don’t know if I should post a picture today and tell y’all the news in the caption. Yeah, let me know if I should. You know, I’m still healing. I’m not fully healed, but I’m better, you know. I could move. I could take pictures, so let me know if I should.”

She further explained the breast implant procedure by saying

“So y’all know, boobs, when you first get them they’re really perky unless it’s like, you know, four weeks. You know that you have them already and they start going down and start looking more natural just like now.”

Bottom line

She accepted her breast implants but there are rumors among the fans that she has done multiple plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and botox. Most people say that Malu Trevejo before surgery looked much better. People even said that she did not need surgery as she is already attractive.

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