Pierre Boo before surgery

Pierre Boo before surgery

If you are active on social media such asΒ  YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram you must have heard the name Pierre Boo. He is very famous on Instagram and TikTok, having about 1 million followers on Instagram and 12 million followers on TikTok. In this article we will talk about Pierre Boo before surgery.

Throughout the time his fans have been noticing multiple changes on his face. Anyone can clearly see the difference between Pierre Boo before plastic surgery and after surgery facial changes. Fans think he looks very much plastic. Pierre Boo’s plastic surgeries have given his face a symmetrical appearance.

Who is Pierre Boo

Pierre Amaury Crespeau better known as Pierre boo is a social media star with millions of followers who creates TikTok content, lip-sync videos, VoiceOvers, and dance choreography.


He got popular on TikTok with his dance and challenges videos. He is among the Tiktokers who follow the trends quickly. People adore him due to his style and looks. His videos look aesthetic as he wears stylish and fashionable clothes.

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He has an approximate net worth of $80000. His main source of income is through YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He does brand endorsement and marketing through his social media handles. Not just social media is a part of his profession but he also likes to communicate with his fans and share personal pictures also.

Personal life

Pierre boo was born on 19 September 1990, in Paris, France. His father’s name is Jean-Pierre Crespeau and his mother’s name is Virginia Boo. He has raised in France with his three siblings Marie- Sophie, Giancarlo, and Arnaud.

Apart from TikTok and Instagram he also has a YouTube channel that he runs with his boyfriend Nicky Champa. They both are quite open about their sexuality and relation. In 2017, Pierre started dating Nicky. Currently, they both live in Los Angeles.

Physical parameters

He is 6’1″ tall having a 76 kg weight. He has dark brown eyes and hair.

Pierre Boo before plastic surgery

Fans are quite curious about how Pierre boo before plastic surgery looked like, as after all those surgeries he has completely changed his personality. if you look at his before plastic surgery pictures, you can clearly spot differences in his nose, lips, and cheeks.

After all the changes he does look handsome but people want to know whether he was good-looking before plastic surgeries or not? Yes! He was a young handsome man but the surgeries have definitely enhanced his features.

Pierre Boo plastic surgery

By looking at the Pierre Boo before plastic surgery pictures, you can easily spot the Botox changes, facelift, cheekbone surgery, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation. All these surgeries have made his features more attractive.

Lip augmentation

Looking at his current features, you can clearly see that he has gone through lip augmentation. His lips look more thick and fuller. Lip augmentation is a procedure in which dermal fillers or lip fillers are injected around or into the lips.

Cheek implants

The Pierre boo from the past and now are two completely different persons. Now his face looks unnatural. He has gone through cheek implants which is a procedure that makes the face look symmetrical. A cheek implant gives the cheeks look fuller hence beautifying your face. Pirrie boo thinks his symmetrical face makes him look more attractive and handsome.

Nose job

Pierre Boo before plastic surgery nose was a bit lifted but now his nose is slim and pointed. A nose job or rhinoplasty is a procedure in which the shape, size, and appearance of the nose are changed.

Final thoughts

Pierre Boo plastic surgeries have drastically changed his features. The nose job, cheek implants, and lip augmentation have given him a new look. The good part is his plastic surgeries were successful since he looks much more handsome now.

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