Sekou Smith weight loss

Sekou Smith weight loss

Sekou Smith worked as a TV analyst, host, and  NBA journalist for a very long time. His effort for the NBA community was remarkable. He did so many motivational things in his life that even after his dismissal they are worth discussing.

Sekou Smith weight loss is part of his life journey. If you are battling for or because of weight loss then let me tell you the Sekou Smith’s weight loss untold story that will definitely inspire you.

Introduction (who was Sekou Smith)

Sekou Smith was born in 1972, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started his career at Clarion-Ledger. Then from 2005 to 2009, he worked for Atlanta Hawks and Indianapolis. Fromm 2009, he joined the popular Turner sports.

From 2009 onwards he worked for various platforms in the field of NBA coverage. He got the position as a writer in the NBA, a host of Hang Time Podcast, and an analyst for NBA tv.

Personal life

He got married to his longtime partner Heather  Smith on 20th May 2020. Together they have three kids named Gabriel, Riley, and Cameron. The family resides in Marietta Georgia. At the age of 48, he died due to coronavirus complications.

Sekou Smith Weight loss journey

His weight loss journey never got into the eyes of the public. Sekou Smith was among the people who had an ideal body weight. His height was 5 feet and 8 inches and his weight was 68 kg.

Although his weight according to height was perfect still some of his fans claimed that once he was extremely thin. The fan said, “He did some great work for NBATV. Looked unrecognizable when he went through that big weight loss years ago”.

No one knows whether his Weightloss was due to his diet, exercise routine, because of workload, or stress he was taking while working for NBA. His workaholic personality was surely paying him off towards a successful career but at the same time, it was triggering health problems.

Sekou Smith’s Health Problems

Sekou Smith Fought against coronavirus but unfortunately in this fight, he lost the battle of life. There is no information about when he was first diagnosed with coronavirus 19.

After covid infection, he got to know that he has been suffering from some health problems. Sekou Smith Covid infection got worse due to health issues and weak community. Finally because of covid complications he lost his life on 26 January 2021.

Bottom line

Weight loss can be a desirable fitness goal or it can be a result of any health problem. Some people are massively stressed about several issues in their life causing illness and weight loss. Maybe workload and stress was the reason for Sekou Smith weight loss in the past.

The thing we learned from his life is to always keep checking on your health. To maintain healthy physical and mental health and do whatever it takes to stay fit. If you are healthy there are more chances of recovery from infections.

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