Honey Boo Boo 2020 Skinny

Honey Boo Boo 2020 Skinny

The Internet is loaded with inspirational weight-loss transformations and the Honey boo boo 2020 skinny transformation is one of them. The young reality show star was a victim of obesity since her childhood.

When she posted her pictures the fans were surprised to see an amazing transformation. It was obvious that she has shed lots of pounds and felt amazing about herself. Although she was always confident about herself and never bothered about haters but who doesn’t like to be fit.

If you are also curious about the Honey boo-boo 2020 skinny weight loss transformation then keep reading. Here, we will tell you all the secrets and tips she followed to lose weight.

Who is Honey boo boo                                                        

Alana Thompson better known as Honey boo-boo was born on 28 August 2005. She was born in Mcintyre Georgia, USA.Her parents are Mike Thompson a chalk miner and June Shannon a housewife. She has three elder stepsisters named Anna Cardwell, Jessica Shannon, and Lauryn Shannon.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo and she believes in Christianity. Her childhood was filled with stardom therefore her parents decided to homeschool her.


In 2012, Honey boo-boo made her career debut on TLC’s reality show toddlers and tiaras. It was a beauty pageant contest and she was among the most popular contestants on the show. She was given the nickname Honey boo-boo due to her smacking talks with other contestants.

In 2012, the reality series named Here comes Honey boo-boo was also aired on TLC. Her whole family was part of the show and the show ran for two seasons.

Another season was about to be released but due to the controversy of her mother spending time with SexOffenders it got canceled. She also became part of her mother’s reality television show Mama June: from not to hot.

Honey boo boo net worth

Honey boo boo has an approximate net worth of $500,000.

Honey boo boo weight gain history                                               

Honey Boo Boo is not the only one obese in the family. From her mother to her sisters everyone has unhealthy eating habits due to which they all were obese.

According to her uncle Lee Thompson, it was all mama June’s fault. If she would have controlled Honey Boo Boo’s eating habits since childhood the poor 9-year-old wouldn’t have gained 125 pounds.

Her mother was extremely obvious she couldn’t move properly cooking was a big task for her. Therefore, they mostly used to eat outside resulting in weight gain. If they all would have been eating home-cooked meals obesity wouldn’t be an issue for the whole family.

How she lose weight

When Honey Boo Boo appeared on the popular talk show the doctors. Travis Scott interviewed her along with her mother and discussed her weight loss, nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. He even said if she didn’t lose weight, in the upcoming years she is at a high risk of developing diabetes and other health issues.

Obesity can cause many diseases like heart problems, cholesterol issues, and diabetes. In that show, they came to the conclusion that Alana should lose at least 65 pounds to live a healthy life.

Dr. Travis put a special nutritionist team to keep an eye on the family. He decided to help the family make healthy meals. He even told Honey boo boo’s mother Mama June that if she didn’t take an active part in improving the lifestyle of her daughter she can face harsh consequences.

Honey boo boo 2020 skinny diet plan                               

She hasn’t spoken much about her weight loss journey but the following are a few tips that will definitely help you in lose weight

  • Honey boo-boo started eating oil free food
  • Reduce your sugar consumption or take a sugar-free diet
  • Quit unhealthy fried junk food
  • Add more vegetables and fruit to your diet
  • Instead of normal grain try to add whole wheat grain to your diet
  • If you cannot hit the gym on regular basis try to increase your physical activity. Stand or walk in your house as much as you can.

Where is she now                                                                 

After the controversy of mama June’s drug addiction, she was sent to rehabilitation along with her boyfriend. The custody of Alana Thompson was handed over to her elder sister Lauren Thompson. All four sisters are trying their best to live a healthy lifestyle.

Honey boo-boo is not the same sparkling dress kid anymore. As a grown teenage girl she has been working hard to live a fit and healthy life. Instead of beauty contests, she is now more focused on comedy and she desires to become a singer.  

From a cute little baby to a sass queen. She is ready to give an answer to all the bashing and body shaming. She has been quite active on her social media handles these days.


Honey boo boo 2020 skinny weight loss transformation is an inspiration for all. Whether you are popular or not it is important to make effort for a healthy life. If Honey boo-boo can stop herself from eating unhealthy food why not you.  

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