Russell Stover Sugar Free Keto

Russell Stover Sugar Free Keto

The most difficult part about following a keto diet is saying goodbye to carbs. You won’t be eating any chocolate, cake, or candies. But what if you get to know that a brand is offering sugarfree keto chocolate.

Russell Stover sugar free keto range is a blessing for those who are on a keto diet but craving chocolates. You can stick to the diet until the sudden sugar cravings hits. Although there are many sugar-free sweets available in the market. However, Russell Stover is a well-reputed brand and people have more trust in it.

What is sugar free keto diet?                                              

A sugar-free keto diet is one in which you cannot eat any carbohydrates. The body does not rely on glucose instead it uses the ketone bodies produced by the liver by burning the body fat.

In the past, the keto diet was followed by people who were suffering from specific diseases but nowadays keto diet is a fast and effective way of weight loss.

Russel Stover history

The Russell Stover is an American company that supplies chocolate, candies, and confections. Russell Stover was established in 1923 by a husband and wife named Russell and Clara Stovell. In the beginning, Russell Stover was not a chocolate company.

The couple started this company with chocolate-covered ice cream under the name of Mrs stover’s Bungalow Candies. When people started appreciating their product, they decided to expand it to Kansas City Missouri. They opened many ice cream parlors, drive-in stores, and ice cream factories.

In 1943, they officially changed the company name to Russell Stover candies. In 1960, Lewis Ford bought majority shares of the company and made it open to public trade.

 In 1981, when Russell and Clara died this company became private. In 1993, Russell Stover candy was bought Whitman’s candies and introduced a sugar-free chocolate line in 1998.

In 2014 a Swedish company named Lindt & Sprungli bought both companies Whitman’s candy and Russell Stover Candies.

Russell Stover Sugar Free Keto

Russell Stover has a wide range of sugar-free chocolate. They have almost 10 different types of chocolate including chocolate candy, caramel and toffee, nuts and peanut, butter, dark chocolate, truffles, jellybeans, coconut, mints, hard candies, and creamy chocolate. These chocolates are also available in assorted boxes.

Nutritional facts about it    

Following are the nutritional value of different types of Russell Stover sugar free keto chocolates

ProductServing sizeCaloriesFatProteinTotal CarbsFiberNet CarbsSugar Alcohol
Almond Delights2 pieces or 34 grams140 kcal11 grams3 grams19 grams1 gram3 grams15 grams
Assorted Fruit Hard Candy3 pieces or 17 grams35 kcal0 grams0 grams16 grams0 grams0 grams16 grams
Caramel2 pieces or 28 grams110 kcal7 grams4 grams17 gramsLess than 1 gram3 grams13 gram
Pecan Delight2 pieces or 34 grams150 kcal12 grams2 grams19 grams1 gram3 grams15 grams
Toffee3 pieces or 44 grams210 kcal16 grams2 grams24 grams1 gram0 grams23 grams
Truffle2 pieces or 28 grams110 kcal8 grams1 gram17 grams1 gram0 grams16 grams

Can you eat Russel Stover on keto diet                             

Although technically Russel stover claim to be sugar free chocolates that are they do not have sucrose in them. But it doesn’t mean that they are completely sugar-free or carb-free.

These chocolate do not have sucrose in them but still, they contain maltitol and a sugar alcohol that impacts blood sugar levels and has a high glycemic index. The maltitol powder and syrup impact ketosis just like sugar.

Ingredients of Russel Stover                                                

Although every flavor of Russell Stover sugar free keto chocolates has a different composition. A  general list of ingredients includes cocoa butter, sodium Caseinate, milk, maltitol, soy lecithin, milk fat, chocolate,citric acid, vanilla, Stevia extract, maltitol syrup, and artificial flavors.


Russell Stover sugar-free keto chocolate is definitely not a good choice if you’re following a keto diet. Since they have sugar in them. Though if you are following any other weight loss plan then you can have some chocolates as a cheat meal. It is always better to munch on those chocolates which have less amount of sugar in them.                                                                        

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