How to Wrap a Sprained Thumb

How to wrap a sprained thumb

A sprained thumb is so painful that you cannot wait long to recover from your injury and then learn how to wrap a sprained thumb. You can prevent further worsening of your injury by taping or splinting.

It is even more important to put a bandage or tape over the sprained thumb if you have some sports activity or any other work requiring your hand. Through this article, we will tell you what is a sprained thumb, its symptoms, its causes, and how to wrap a sprained thumb.

What is a sprained thumb?

A thumb sprain is an injury caused by stretching or tear of any ligament in the thumb. A thumb consists of phalanges bones that join with the metacarpal bone at the thumb base. It is known as a metacarpophalangeal joint.

During a thumb sprain, it is most likely that the thumb is injured from the metacarpophalangeal joint. Or the injury can even occur at the phalanges bones (interphalangeal joints).


If you will bend your thumb too far it can lead to a sprained thumb. Usually, this type of injury takes place in judo, rugby, skiing, netball, and basketball.

The player often bends their thumbs in the wrong direction mostly more than once making their condition even worse. If you do not get proper treatment on time the injury in the MCP ligament remains unstable for a long time period.


Following are the major symptoms of a sprained thumb.

  • The moment the thumb bends in the wrong direction it causes a sharp pain
  • The pain is more severe at the base of the thumb
  • The web of the thumb is also affected by pain
  • Joint instability is prominent
  • Most probably you will also face swelling at the base of the thumb and Metacarpophalangeal joint.

How to wrap a sprained wrist and thumb                         

if you are a sports person or you have to do lots of physical activity by using your hands. It is not necessary that someone will be around you when you will face a sprained thumb.

Therefore, everyone should learn how to wrap a sprained thumb. Following are the ways through which you can wrap a sprained thumb.

How to wrap a sprained thumb with a bandage              

Below are the major steps through which you can wrap a sprained thumb with a bandage

  • Cut the bandage with scissors and put it against the wrist.
  • Now from the back of your hand, start wrapping your thumb and index finger.
  • Once you are done wrapping the bandage secure the bandage on the same spot of the wrist where you started (pulse checking spot).
  • Cut the bandage into equivalent lengths from the center part.
  • Tie The bandage.
  • You can also use medical tape to secure the bandage.

How to wrap a sprained thumb with tape                        

There are two types of tapes that you can use for wrapping around your thumb   

  • Athletic tape-it helps in the initial recovery of the injury.
  • Kinesiology tape- it is useful for long-term protection and recovery


Before starting your taping technique you should have all the things which you will require during the process like Tape and scissors. First, clean your hand and thumb to remove dirt and excessive oil residue from the hand.

When your hand will be smooth and clean it will help further the adhesion of the tape. During a Thumb injury, it is difficult to wrap your own self so we will recommend you to take the help of someone if possible.

  • To make an anchor strip cut and place the tape around your wrist
  • According to the length divide the tape into two strips
  • Take one strip and apply it to the back of your hand. Start wrapping it between your thumb and index finger. Make sure the endpoint is an anchor strip.
  • Now take another piece of tape and make a figure of 8. Wrap it around anchors forward.
  • In the end, secure the tape wrap over the anchor.

Wrap up

It is very easy to learn how to wrap a sprained thumb. All you have to do is keep your injured hand stable and move it less. You can use the other hand to perform the whole task. You can either use a bandage or a tape depending on the availability. However, a bandage is a much better option since tape sticks very badly to the skinand can even cause irritation.                                         

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