Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss

Tanisha Thomas weight loss

Tanisha Thomas Weight loss is nothing new on the Internet. If you are a true bad girls club fan then you must know that Tanisha Thomas has gone through tremendous body transformation.

Her heaviest weight was 300 lbs and her lightest weight was around 165 lbs. She describes her weight loss journey by saying “this is a marathon you’re going to go through with your body, it’s not a race”.

If you are curious to know the reality behind Tanisha Thomas weight loss journey this article is for you. Let’s find out, has she done surgery, been following a specific diet, or she has adopted healthy changes in her lifestyle.

Who is Tanisha Thomas

Tanisha Thomas is a reality show star, social media influencer, and talented television actress. She got massive popularity when she appeared in the second season of the Bad Girls Club. Since her childhood, she always wanted to become an actress.

Early life

Tanisha Thomas was born on 28 August 1985 and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Her birthplace is New York City United States. The Internet does not know much about her parents and siblings.

In 2011, she got married to Clive Muir. Soon in 2014, the couple got divorced. In 2016, she started dating St.Hilaire. In 2017, the couple welcomed their first child Aiden St.Hilaire. Unfortunately, the couple split in 2020.

Tanisha Thomas net worth                                                  

According to 2022, she has an approximate net worth of $1 million.


After the fame she got from the bad girls club in 2011 she started hosting an online talk show named oxygen. Apart from her acting career she also introduced her clothing line named Plush Diva’s closet.  

Tanisha Thomas weight loss                                                

People got curious after they got to know that Tanisha Thomas has lost 12 pounds in only a week. Some people thought she has gone under the knife while others guessed the reason for her weight loss are medicines.

However, according to her, the weight loss journey was not much hard. She was focused on losing weight and followed her weight loss plan with discipline.

Tanisha Thomas weight loss before and after pictures


How did Tanisha Thomas lose weight?

Following are the three main tips that Tanisha Thomas gives to her fans for losing weight.

  • When you are setting a goal in your life you should be fully disciplined towards it.
  • Keep yourself motivated especially during the weight loss journey. Because once you get out of track you are out of the game.
  • You cannot have a successful weight loss journey unless you are consistent with your plan. Whether you get early results or you have to wait, don’t give up.

Tanisha Thomas diet plan                                                     l

Tanisha Thomas weight loss journey was not like many other celebrities who follow a healthy lifestyle or increase their physical activity. It won’t be wrong to say that she decided to go for a shortcut.

With her doctor’s advice, she started taking a high protein liquid diet for three months. But only in the first week, she lose 12 lbs. By losing this much weight she became consistent and motivated in her Weight loss journey.

She used to take high protein liquefied food six times a day. In this diet, you have to drink your meal in 30 to 60 minutes slowly to improve your metabolism. You can also have caffeine-free or sugar-free drinks.   


The high-protein liquid diet was the secret of Tanisha Thoma’s weight loss transformation. However, it is not necessary that the diet which worked for her Will be a good choice for you as well.

You should consult a doctor before following such diet plans. We will recommend you make healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight rather than following strict diet plans. At times such diet plans can even cause harm to your body so it’s better to ignore them.                                                         

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