7 Ways to Be There For Your Family During Tough Times

Have you ever wondered what’s the most priceless and significant possession anyone could have in their life?

It’s family.

The people in your family are the only ones who will love you unconditionally, be there for you, and shower you with words of wisdom whenever necessary. However, even the most functional families lose hope during dark times. We are all bound to experience one or two challenging periods in our lifetime, whether it involves dealing with a catastrophe, an illness, broken relationships, or a crisis. In times like these, it’s crucial to stick together.

To help you gain some insight, here are a few ways your family can support one another during times of need:

Always be there to listen

You’d be surprised at the amount of help a sympathetic ear can provide for someone going through a trying time. Therefore, the first thing to do when a family member is having a hard time is to listen to them. The cause of their misery could be almost anything, and the only way to figure it out is to listen to what they have to say. For instance, there’s a chance your family member has been diagnosed with deadly cancer, such as mesothelioma, and they’re afraid to let others know.

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Returning to our point, you should avoid turning their circumstance into a favorable one too soon. That is because sometimes they may require your empathy and knowledge of how they feel at that moment more than a quick remedy.

Discover purpose and meaning

A sense of meaning, purpose, and knowing when to let go are beneficial. A sense of purpose and forward motion keeps us motivated and optimistic. The challenge is finding the bright side of a crisis beyond your control. If you lose your employment, you might have more time to assist your kids with schoolwork. Or perhaps a recent medical assessment has inspired you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Even if purpose and meaning aren’t immediately apparent, you might want to think about making it a point to search for them in ordinary situations.

Spend time together 

The most valuable gift you can give is your time. Giving even an hour of your free time to a family member with problems is priceless. It will unquestionably make them feel valued and unique. It can be as easy as organizing a backyard movie night or shopping for the perfect present to give the kids to cheer them up. 

For adults, it might entail preparing a delightful meal, doing daily chores, or just watching the kids.

Establish healthy habits together

In a period of change and ambiguity, rituals can give you a sense of stability. A few examples of healthy rituals are:

  • Beginning a regular mindfulness practice
  • Mastering various relaxation techniques
  • Resolving to work out every morning
  • Journaling every night
  • Planning coffee dates once a week
  • Getting 15-20 minutes of sunlight or fresh air each day

More so, healthy rituals in a relationship can also offer some solace during difficult times. Also, couples need to preemptively protect their partnership with healthy rituals like talking about their feelings, going out on date nights without the kids, and more. The idea is to find out what gets you back on track.

Express gratitude 

Family members need to compliment one another verbally. One of the best ways to strengthen bonds with family members is to express gratitude for them. So, show your family that you are concerned about them. Tell your family members when they accomplish something remarkable at home or work. It can be as effortless as saying thanks to them for their company or making you chuckle. 

Make sure you’re being truthful. Family relationships can be improved by showing appreciation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There are times when showing a family member support and empathy is insufficient. When someone is in a tough situation, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance. And this is particularly true when a family member is depressed or a severe family conflict arises. Reaching out for assistance can help ease the troubles.

Respect your losses 

Over the past few years, we have endured unimaginable losses, so giving you and your family space and time to mourn is crucial. Many of us are still battling the loss of loved ones, missing out on social events, and radically changing our life expectations. It’s normal to experience more anguish, rage, and anxiety. And giving yourself space for these emotional experiences may help you work through or alongside them.


Experiencing hardships is a natural part of being human. Most of the time, even though they seem complex, they won’t last forever. If so, there are effective ways (such as the ones mentioned above) to deal with them. Use the tips mentioned in this article if your family is facing a difficult time. Also, think about shifting your perspective. Concentrate on the aspects of the circumstances you can control to feel better and spend more time with your family.

Emma Aaron

Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in medicine and currently pursuing a house job at a well-reputed hospital in California, I decided to utilize my spare time in sharing knowledge with others through my blog. Apart from my time spent in the medical field, I love to read fiction novels and go on long drives.

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