Hard Lump after Abscess Drained

Hard Lump after Abscess Drained

The process of draining an abscess is very easy on the hospital premises. But when it comes to homecare as advised by the doctor, it becomes quite crucial. However, taking care is very important for proper healing.

After the draining Abscess procedure, many people feel hard lumps. Although most of the time it is not a matter of concern. The hard lump after abscess drained may be due to scar tissue. If this is the case it will dissolve on its own and after a specific period, you will feel your normal skin.

In this article, we will tell you everything about the abscess drainage procedure and what is the hard lump after abscess drained.

What is an abscess

An abscess is caused by bacteria. It causes pus formation in the body tissues and is very painful. It is a difficult time for those suffering from it. It becomes even more painful when the size of the abscess increases.

If an abscess is smaller in size, it dissolves on its own at home. But if it is becoming larger then you should visit a doctor to get it drained. The draining and healing process of an abscess is a very serious task.

How An abscess forms

An abscess is usually formed due to bacterial infection but parasites, viruses, or food contamination can also cause it. The pus formed during an abscess is the immune system fighting against the infection.

An abscess may be internal or external. For example, a gland abscess is an internal abscess while a breast abscess is an external abscess.

Some people experience a hard lump after abscess drained. It may be due to the presence of an abscess on the skin. When hard lumps are formed it causes irritation, redness, swelling, and pain.

Some abscesses are not much deep and they go away on their own but other requires drainage. Abscess drainage is an outpatient procedure that takes place in a hospital. The drainage process depends on the type of abscess, its size, and location. Following are the common type of abscesses on the skin

  • Furuncles which is caused by infected hair follicles.
  • A painful bump is known as a boil.
  • Carbuncles. Many furuncles collectively form these.

Drainage of abscess

If the abscess is small in size, you can treat it at home by applying heat. The heat shrinks down the abscess and easily drains it. You can use a warm compress in the form of a towel soaked in warm water and apply it to the abscess multiple times a day.

However, if the abscess is large in size, a doctor first applies numbness cream on the site and then cut open the infected area. After draining the abscess the doctor fixes the wound with surgical material. The healing requires a few days but for that, you need to follow the after-care guidelines and take medicines on time.

Hard lump after abscess drained

It is obvious that you will get worried when you notice a hard lump after abscess drained. But thankfully it is nothing to stress about. Even after drainage since the infection was occupying a bigger area, It is difficult that your skin will look like the original one.

The area from which the abscess is drained requires time to heal and during that time you will notice a hard lump on it. It may be due to tissues, it will heal and dissolve on its own.

Bottom line

If you notice an abscess on your skin, it is best to treat it at home as early as possible. But if heat compression is doing nothing and it is increasing in size with the passing days, visit a hospital immediately.

The doctor will cut the abscess and drain it out. You need to follow guidelines and medication after the process. There is a probability that you will notice a hard lump after abscess drained that is only a recovery phase. Most people confuse this hard lump with a cyst. But within a few days, it will heal on its own.

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