Tips For Buying CBD Products Online

Tips For Buying CBD Products Online

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a component of medical marijuana that comes from the hemp plant. Recently, CBD has grown in popularity because of its potential health benefits like helping users control their anxiety, reducing inflammation, and relieving intense bouts of pain. Additionally, the passing of the 2018 Farm bill was the cherry on top as it made hemp legal in the United States and encouraged consumers, such as yourself, to purchase CBD products and use them wisely. But there is one slight problem.

Many online stores sell CBD, and picking the right outlet is no easy feat. Every website will promise you the best quality products for a reasonable price, which can push you into a dilemma. However, with this short guide, you’ll have no trouble skimming through the internet and purchasing from the best online CBD store, so read on to learn more:

1.       Check for a COA

Before placing your order, you need to consider the certificate of analysis (COA) of any online business. This quality control ensures your product has the appropriate amount of CBD for usage. Companies that sell CBD must use a third-party source for lab testing to remove any bias. If a business is not transparent about getting their certificate, you may have trouble locating their COA results.

For instance, CBD from Promise Nutraceuticals has an entire COA section detailing the CBD products, ingredients used, and additives in the compound, informing you on what you are paying for and giving you a chance to trust their brand.

Quality matters, so don’t discount the importance of this lab result. A typical COA covers the amount of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids used in the product and their potency. The report will also inform you if there were any pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, or residual solvents in the item you’re buying.

2.       Look for reviews and comments

Try to go through as many reviews as possible to develop a sense of familiarity. This also helps you spot fake reviews and comments that are way too over the top, don’t provide relevant details about the product, and are marketing gimmicks that subtly push you to spend more money. Generally, helpful comments outline the user’s experience with the product with enough details to guide you.

Likewise, pay attention to the number of good reviews to bad reviews. While no website can have a hundred percent positivity rating, it should have a consistent pattern to determine its quality. You should go the extra mile and look up the social media pages of different online CBD stores. Figure out how actively these companies post about their store, gauge how they interact with other consumers and the number of likes they have.

3.       Know the types of CBD forms

CBD products spread over a spectrum. These differ according to the chemical components and the amount of THC present, impacting your experience. Each product also requires certain conditions and requirements for storage, which keeps it in good shape. The product you buy will have one of the three labels that indicate its type. These are Full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum CBD, details of which are as follows:

  • Full-spectrum CBD. You need a full-spectrum CBD if you want THC in your product. This range has all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant, which can activate the entourage effect. This is a theory that suggests that compounds in cannabis work better when you take them together.
  • CBD isolate. If you only want to enjoy CBD without any trace of THC in your product, consider purchasing CBD isolate items. This pure substance is also free of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabis compounds.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. The middle sibling of the three CBD forms is the broad-spectrum CBD products. These have all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes mixed with the CBD but no THC. So if you want fragrance and reap the benefits of using CBD, a broad-spectrum product is the most suitable choice.

4.       Be clear about the terminology

Certain brands use “CBD oil” and “hemp oil’ interchangeably, but both of these products vary. What you want is a CBD oil-based product that uses the hemp plant’s stalk, leaves, and flowers, giving you a refined oil. This compound has numerous health benefits, making it worth the purchase. In contrast, Hemp oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. These seeds don’t have CBD, but can nourish with essential minerals such as fatty acids and amino acids. You can choose the safest and most appropriate option when you know what the product contains. You can confirm what the product is made of by contacting the online business.

5.       Pay attention to the THC content

You cannot purchase products with a THC concentration of more than 0.3% in the United States. So businesses going beyond the prescribed limit are committing a criminal offense since the concentration of THC over 0.3% is intoxicating for many users.

6.       Pick the right product

CBD oil gets manufactured into different products. You need to know what works best for you. Not everyone experiences the same sensations or feels relaxed after using CBD, so pay attention to how well you fare after usage. CBD comes in skin care products, tablets, and E-liquid.

Smoking and vaping is the fastest way to enjoy CBD. You will feel the effects within a few minutes, which can last up to six hours. But e-liquid with which you fuel the vape machine cannot be consumed orally or applied to your skin.

On the other hand, you can put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, but this takes a long time to set in and is not the best choice if you want immediate relief. There are also CBD creams and lotions in the market and CBD tablets. These are the slowest since your body needs to absorb them. So decide how you want to enjoy the CBD product and make your purchase.

7.       A glance at the label

Every CBD product has a traceable label which proves its legitimacy. This includes details of the manufacturer, batch number, ingredients used, net weight, production and expiration date, the cannabinoid used, and instructions on storage. Additional information is on the dosage you need to take and possible side effects. If the label doesn’t give you any information on the product, you may have come across a counterfeit item.

8.       Use only CBD-exclusive websites

There are websites designed to sell CBD products alone. These contain all the details you need about your product from the COA reports, a list of items, frequently asked questions, and links to their social media and email. Avoid consumer marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy altogether. While you may find CBD products on these websites, they may not clearly label the item, such as calling hemp extract CBD extract. There is also no assurance about their suppliers.

9.       Check for additives

Additives are substances that enhance the compound’s texture, scent, and flavor. They aim to make the product look more attractive and exciting. Lotions and creams can have additives, but vape pods need to be one hundred percent pure. If the liquid has trace quantities of additives, you can risk lung injury. If you have allergies to nuts or herbs, look up the product you plan on purchasing and ensure that it is free of additives that can cause an adverse reaction.

10.   See the packaging

CBD sticks to plastic, which can cause microplastic to enter your body if you consume it. The businesses selling you CBD must use only glass packaging since it is the safest and cleanest way to deliver this extract. Aluminum cans are also not feasible despite having a BPA-free lining.


CBD has become a popular health supplement, and as a result, you’ll find numerous companies online trying to sell their products. Therefore, you must exercise vigilance, purchase only reliable extracts, and save yourself from dangerous side effects. Start by looking for a certificate of analysis that dissects the product and shows its authenticity. This will help tear down any skepticism about your purchase.

While online, check out each brand’s reviews, social media activity, and product ratings. Additionally, educate yourself on the forms of CBD and the THC content that is safe for you to buy without getting you in trouble with the law. Checking the label, ensuring the information of the extract is accurate, and sticking to legitimate CBD businesses should be part of your protocol. Be sure there are no additives that can cause an allergic reaction. Finally, confirm with the brand that the packaging is suitable for shipping CBD and place your order.

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