Seven Ways a Virtual Degree Can Benefit Your Nursing Career

Seven Ways a Virtual Degree Can Benefit Your Nursing Career

As much as nurses are currently in demand, online learning and virtual degrees also pick up credible speed along the way. Getting an accredited degree from an acclaimed institute can help you land high-level and high-paying jobs globally.

Because the nursing field provides you the flexibility to move between careers while staying in the same profession, its education process has to be equally flexible. That’s because you can enroll in a program online. Online classes mean you do not have to compromise your current job role. You can keep working and studying at the same time.

At the same time, it also provides nurse educators flexibility in their job. It is easier to conduct classes online than holding them on campus, saving costs and resources while expanding earning potential.

With more availability of jobs every year, you will witness career growth in your nursing profession and see high-level positions available. These positions will require a formal degree. If you are a registered nurse with a BSN, you can go for an MSN degree to further your career progress.

There are many other ways for nursing career growth through virtual learning.

Pursue Leadership Nursing Roles

Leadership roles include management and teaching capacities for registered nurses. Some courses, like the online DNP program, adopt contemporary nurse educator teaching strategies that enable you to complete this course at a suitable pace. Once you have the required qualifications, you could also mentor the nursing workforce remotely and improve the overall nurse workforce capability.

Similarly, leading during your program will teach you how to fulfill a clinical managerial role effectively. You may have to supervise, monitor, and regulate the tasks of the nursing staff in a hospital, clinical setting, or medical center. Being a nurse manager or supervisor comes with several responsibilities. You can only learn to implement effective strategies during your program.

Aim for Higher Paying Jobs

Once you acquire a formal degree in nursing, you can expect higher-paying jobs in the industry. In addition, you would be able to enter the nursing specialty of your choosing with an MSN or DNP degree.

The pay scale of highly educated nurses is much larger than the national average in the UK, providing you with a highly lucrative platform to expand your career horizon. Nursing roles like senior clinical researchers, legal nurse consultants, informatics nurses, and nurse administrators earn much higher than the median salaries of starting nursing professionals.

Flexible Shifts

Nurses can plan and schedule their shifts according to their other schedules. You can continue pursuing your virtual degree without compromising your current job. You can also take extra shifts if you can to earn more.

Nurses typically earn by the hour, maximizing their earning opportunities. It will help maintain a balance between your work and study. At the same time, you do not have to worry about paying the tuition fee of online classes since you would be making enough, and virtual degrees do not cost as much as on-campus classes.

Therefore, pursuing a virtual degree is a win-win regardless of your career stage.

Join Nurse Tutoring

Nurse tutors require a higher qualification to provide online tutoring to new entrants in the field. It is a highly lucrative opportunity owing to the decreasing number of nurse educators due to the increase in their retirement population.

As a nurse tutor, you would have to develop and deliver the nursing curriculum, mentor students, prepare lesson plans, review course material, give homework assignments, and document student progress throughout the year to prepare them for the exams.

You can pursue it online as a full-time job or as a side hustle. This way, you would be able to deliver lessons remotely even if you are away during your day job.

Alternatively, you can begin giving tuitions during your program or by the end of it. Virtual degrees allow you to continue pursuing other activities, which may be difficult during an on-campus program.

Join Research Projects

Nurse researchers have a lot of unexplored potential as they keep researching treatments and medications for novel diseases, make medical breakthroughs, and work with interdisciplinary experts to uncover mysterious phenomena.

However, this role requires a higher education. If you want to join the nurse research field, you can participate in side research projects with your ongoing virtual degree and pursue it as a full-time career after acquiring your degree. Working while studying will continually develop and improve your research capabilities, and you can apply what you learn to your workplace. Similarly, applying working theories to your degree program will make you an exceptional student by staying ahead of the learning curve.

Provide Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory care goes beyond primary care and assisting other medical professionals in devising and implementing treatment plans. It includes a variety of other settings like outpatient services, in-patient care, pain management clinics, radiology and chemotherapy centers, surgery centers, school and university clinics, and government-funded agencies for high-at-risk populations.

It is a vast form of caregiving using telehealth and other resources to provide patients 360-degree care and treatment solutions. Therefore, working in multiple sectors will require you to have an advanced degree in nursing.

Gaining a virtual degree will also teach you how to provide virtual care solutions to patients across the globe, expanding the nurse’s career continuum. You will find yourself exposed to various settings and dealing with people from multiple backgrounds, unlike any traditional nurse manager or senior clinical nurse.

Public Health Nursing

One of the most crucial healthcare services nurses can provide is public health nursing. They act as the main health analysts and social determinants of health. As a public health nurse, you will work on the front lines of providing care to the country’s most vulnerable, sick, and neglected communities.

This role requires an advanced specialization, and acquiring a virtual degree is a simpler solution than full-time enrollment. It is beneficial, especially if you are a registered nurse already working in public health. An advanced degree will broaden the scope of your operation, and you would be able to work across multiple communities hit by severe health catastrophes.


A virtual degree in nursing can broaden the scope of your career, increase your chances of getting higher pay, teach you novel skills and allow you to work in multiple healthcare sectors simultaneously.

You can pursue leadership and managerial roles, join nursing education, take extra shifts to cater to multiple healthcare departments, and provide ambulatory and public healthcare.

An added advantage of a virtual degree is that it is time-saving, cost-saving, and convenient for already working nurses in this highly challenging and demanding field. Rest assured, highly qualified nurses would not face unemployment. They could expect accelerated career growth with high-paying jobs, only expected to grow in the future.

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