5 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

Taking care of your eyes  is very important to avoid generating and preventing certain vision problems or, in the event that they do exist, realize it and remedy it as soon as possible.

There is a high percentage of people who do not carry out reviews from time to time or only do so when there is a problem.

Following these 5 tips that we are going to discuss will help you take care of your eyes and pamper them a little so that they do not suffer so much and thus extend their good health.

Tips to take care of your eyes

The eyes are a very important part of our body, since they are the basic pillar of the sense of sight and thanks to them we can perceive our entire environment. It is an organ that, although it seems small and unimportant, is very complex and we must worry about taking care of it.

1. Conduct reviews

The first thing that we must be clear about is that from time to time we must go to the ophthalmologist for a check-up to see how the health of our eyes is. These revisions should be more frequent in people with advanced age and in those who may present some problems such as cataracts.

2. Rest well

Sleeping enough hours at night will make our eyes rested and prepared to face the different aggressions during the day. In addition, to take care of your eyes, it is recommended that you take short breaks when you have spent several hours with your eyes on the computer or on something that involves visual attention.

3. Environment lighting

When we are going to be working or studying, a neutral white light is recommended . While for the time of sleeping or reading before going to sleep, yellow light is advisable. This will also prevent bad postures such as curving our spine to get closer and see better.

The best light is undoubtedly natural light, so during the day we can make use of it or choose a light that is as similar as possible.

4. Good eye hygiene

Having good eye hygiene is very important to avoid possible infections .

We should not rub our eyes with unwashed hands , since the bacteria we have will pass into our eyes and cause certain problems.

In addition, people who use contact lenses have to be very careful . They must follow a care and cleaning routine for them, according to the advice of ophthalmologists when using them.

Another important aspect to highlight is the use of makeup . If any product causes us an allergy, we have to discard it immediately and carry out a routine to remove make-up and keep our faces clean of any substance that may remain on our skin.

5. Protect eyes

As we have said, the eye is a very sensitive organ, so we must be very careful and protect it throughout the year. Although its protection is greater in the summer months due to the great incidence of the sun, its protection is also essential in the winter months.

We have to make use of approved sunglasses that have the CE certificate and in the appropriate establishments for sale. The recommended ones are those that block from 99% to completely, 100% .

By following this series of tips and habits, we will ensure that our eyes maintain good health and the appearance of infections is prolonged.

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