Pea-sized Lump in Groin Female

Pea-sized Lump in Groin Female

The groin is the body part that is present above the thighs and it connects the whole body with the legs. Usually, there is a pea-sized lump in groin female body due to which many women are worried. They consider it is a sign of cancer or any other serious health issue

Have you ever thought what is this pea-sized lump in groin female body? If you are worried about the presence of such lumps then you need to relax. In this article, we will tell you all about lambs in the groin, their types, causes, and treatments.

What is groin

It is a body part located above the thighs. This area is present in the pelvic region and the genitals are located in it. It connects the body with the legs. There are many reasons for the production of lumps in the groin. The lumps may be cancerous or harmless.

The groin is made up of muscles, blood vessels, ligaments, and nerves. If there is any abnormality in the groin area it can lead to pain and discomfort.

Pea-sized lump in groin female

Lumps can occur in any part of the groin area. The groin area has the following types of lumps

⦁ Cyst

Cysts are fluid-filled with lumps. Although they are usually harmless but if they get larger, they can cause pain and irritation.

⦁ Lipoma

They are present in the fat layer below the skin. They are soft benign in nature.

⦁ Hernia

It is soft and disappears with movement but it should not be left untreated.

⦁ Enlarged veins

An enlarged vein in the groin area is called saphena varix. It is the abnormality of veins that prevents blood circulation. These lumps are maybe small or large. It is a very rare condition.

⦁ Swollen glands

Due to infection swelling in the lymph node lumps are caused. If not treated on time it can turn into cancer. They are hard and solid. They do not easily go away.

⦁ Warts

Warts are small fleshy growth due to viruses. Warts around the groin area are known as genital warts caused by the human papillomavirus. The virus caused by human papilloma is incurable, however, genital warts can be treated.

⦁ Skin boil or abscess

Skin boil or abscesses are painful and their size can vary from large to small. They are pinkish-red in color. They are caused due to skin infections and are harmless.

Causes of pea-sized lump in groin female

Following are some of the major causes of a pea-sized lump in groin female.

⦁ Hernia

Hernia can cause a lump in your groin due to weakness in the muscles of internal parts such as the intestines. There are three types of hernias including femoral hernias, inguinal hernias, and incisional hernias.

⦁ infections

There are different types of infections that can result in lumps in the groin area. Some infections become better with time while others get more painful.

⦁ Noncancerous tumor

The groin area cancers are rare because this part is not exposed to the Sun. The noncancerous tumors include papillomas also known as moles.

⦁ Bacterial infection

When bacterial overgrowth changes the pH of the vagina it leads to lumps.

⦁ vaginal yeast infection

Sometimes lumps in the groin area are caused by the candida fungus.

⦁ STDs

Lumps are also caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, HIV, herpes, and gonorrhea.

⦁ cancer

The pea-sized painful cancerous lumps are sometimes present in the groin area in females. They are hard and remain fixed for a few weeks. They do not go on their own, you should visit a doctor for proper treatment.

Treatment of lumps in the groin

The treatment of lumps in the groin depends on the type of lump and how it is caused. Some lumps do not require any treatment and within a few days, they disappear on their own. For such types of lumps, you only need to keep the area clean.

If you are suffering from a painful and large lump, you should seek a doctor’s help to either treat it medically or surgically remove it. If the cause of the lump is an infection your doctor may recommend antibiotic or antifungal medicine.


Usually, pea-sized lump in groin female is not a matter of concern and it disappears with time. You should know the type of lump you have and what is its cause. If you feel that your lump is growing in size and becoming painful then you should seek professional help.

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