How to flush out old period blood from body

How to flush out old period blood from body

Many women experience brown-colored blood during periods especially those who have a regular menstrual cycle. A general assumption about brown blood is that it is a residue of blood from the previous menstrual cycle. Women often search for answers about how to flush out old period blood from body.

PCOS and irregular periods are common issues that affect the majority of women these days. When the blood remains in the body for a longer period it becomes dark brown, thick, and dry. Many women get worried about it, this thought haunts them that brown blood can harm their bodies.

To reduce your stress, in this article, we will tell you how to flush out old period blood from body. but before that let us give you a brief intro to menstruation.

Menstruation cycle

Menstruation is a 28-day cycle that happens in every woman’s body each month. The menstrual cycle starts with a period in which the endometrium lining of the uterus breaks when the woman does not conceive. The blood is removed from the body through vagina bleeding.

The menstruation blood is composed of tissues and blood of the uterus lining. Many women do not have a normal menstruation cycle of 28 days. Usually, the cycle days may vary from woman to woman. On average 28 to 45 days cycle is considered normal.

What is brown period blood?

The reason for dark brown period blood is that the blood which takes longer to remove from the body becomes dark. This blood is thick, clumpier, and dry from the regular blood. The dark brown color is due to oxidation. When blood is exposed to air it becomes brown.

If you notice that during the start of your period cycle the blood is bright red in color and till the end it becomes brown. Many women experience dark brown tissue discharge after when the period ends. You might also experience dark brown discharge after a week or two of the period.

Since every body is different so is the menstrual cycle. The color of menstruation blood depends on how quickly the uterus sheds its lining. It also depends on how fast the blood removes from the body.

Is brown blood Normal

Yes, it is absolutely normal to experience brown color blood. It can appear before during or after the menstrual cycle. Apart from blood, you can also experience spotting at any stage of your cycle. Spotting is because of the blood which was not removed from the body.

The brown blood is usually thick in consistency and it removes more slowly than the normal period blood. The main reason for slow removal is that it is the old blood coming from the uterus.

It is rare, brown blood or discharge causes any problem to your health. But if you experience abnormal vagina bleeding then you should seek professional help to better understand your condition.

How to flush out old period blood from the body

After the period some woman cleans their vagina to remove all the menstruation blood. Women use Douche to clean their vaginas. It is a method in which the vagina is cleaned by spraying water or other solution into it.

But the actual question is your vagina dirty Or needs such cleaning? Douching is not a safe method as it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and other serious infections.

Therefore, one should flush out old period blood by using water. Still, if you want to add something you can add gentle unscented soap to the water. The same goes for removing blood stains from clothes. You can rinse the clothes in water and apply some amount of soap to them.

Can you make period blood removal faster?

It is common to experience brown blood during periods. The brown blood is the left one from the previous cycle that stayed in the uterus and it will get removed in the upcoming cycle. The brown blood from the old menstrual cycle has slow flow and requires more time to leave the body.

There is one way that you can fasten your period blood removal from the body. While you are in the shower, without soap take your wet finger and insert it into your vagina. Slowly and gently you can remove the blood. Although you cannot remove the whole blood, still you can remove a good amount of blood.

In this way, you can also save money by not buying more tampons and pads. You will require fewer pads. If you want to normalize your menstruation cycle you should include a good amount of vitamin B6 in your diet. Naturally, vitamin B6 is present in fish, eggs, and poultry. Vitamin B6 increases progesterone levels and decreases estrogen helping in making your cycle regular.

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